A performance during the festival "H4B" dedicated to historic building in the center of Kyiv. Its duration was 24 hours without a break. My point of interested was relation between perception and time of observation.

Kyiv Oct 2011

Scream is when there is no words, it is a weakness to act. Also scream is a despair. How long could it go? What are limits of our freedom? At least to scream?

Киев Apr 2011

Fragments of video documentation of the performance "Zeh Buddhism calendar" in Kyiv underground

Kyiv Feb 2011

Hypothesis: others give more importance to one's exterior than he do.

I stood with poster "Shave me" near central subway station exit. People paid attention and asked what is this. One guy told his friend did similar in Jerusalem. I asked if it was successful and man answered yes.

Kyiv Feb 2011

Был в ПинчукАртЦентре на выставке "Сексуальность и транцендентность". Там была работа британско-немецкого художника Тино Сигала "Поцелуй" (Tino Sehgal "Kiss") - в пустой комнате парень с девушкой выполняют контактную импровизацию и произносят повторяющийся текст.

Kyiv Jul 2010

Reaction of old religious ritual in current context

Kyiv Apr 2010