Time/Bank is a project by E-flux initiated by Julieta Aranda and Anton Vidokle. Time/Food is a temporary restaurant serving meal in exchange for a time loan. I was a chef of Ukrainian lunch.

Moscow May 2013

Art-intervention into different spaces of urban places

Moscow Jun 2012

Performance on the opening of the Donetsk "da sein" art gallery and own exhibition

Donetsk Apr 2012

What define gender today? There are not only physiology, either social rituals that are seemed more important

Moscow Mar 2012

Could disabled person visit a Ukrainian museum?

Kyiv Mar 2012

In Moscow I got acquainted with art group Voina. I participated in preparation few actions. Nevertheless by occasions it were not done. However I made an experiment - a month without money.

Moscow Mar 2012

The series of performances in Donetsk regional art museum about space, time and body.

Donetsk Feb 2012

Performance about relation of physical and psychological aspects of pain and violence. Devoted to Marina Abramovic

Moscow Dec 2011