Performance about relation of physical and psychological aspects of pain and violence. Devoted to Marina Abramovic

Moscow Dec 2011

Documentation of performative action, a part of "Female workshop" in the Kyiv center for visual culture

Kyiv Mar 2012

A trip from a Moscow suburb village called MARS (Moscow air repairment union) to town Petushki, inspired by Venedikt Erofeev book "Moscow - Petushki".

Moscow Nov 2011

Kramatorsk may not be the nicest place a town of factories and broken infrastructure but its denizens find much to love there, reflecting on their home with frankness and warmth.

Kramatorsk Apr 2015

Hypothesis: others give more importance to one's exterior than he do.

I stood with poster "Shave me" near central subway station exit. People paid attention and asked what is this. One guy told his friend did similar in Jerusalem. I asked if it was successful and man answered yes.

When poster was on my back, each second person turned to see quickly my face and smiled. More elder person was less reaction was. Youngsters recommended to put poster on back and front - "it's unclear what to shave on a back".

Kyiv Feb 2011

I was interested in girls since ten years old. And especially, what are they hiding, such that we boys don't have. Once we with budy caught his dog bitch were investigating her between the legs. I was disappointed - nothing special. And so my interest switched to more cute things - chess, swimming, violin.

Moscow Aug 2012

In Moscow I got acquainted with art group Voina. I participated in preparation few actions. Nevertheless by occasions it were not done. However I made an experiment - a month without money.

Moscow Mar 2012

Art-intervention into different spaces of urban places

Moscow Jun 2012