In Moscow I got acquainted with art group Voina. I participated in preparation few actions. Nevertheless by occasions it were not done. However I made an experiment - a month without money.

Moscow Mar 2012

Andriivskyi descent is a Kyiv Monmartre, a famous art street. In 2010 there was a festival Spielstraße – Straßenspiele by Goethe-Instituts Ukraine devoted to it. I decided to measure this street by its own value. However, the best times of Andriivskyi are gone and for memories about good pictures there I drew there its white frame. 

I used as the gauge "ideal picture" found in garbage on Andriivskyi. It was white square about 500 mm.


Kyiv Sep 2010

Performance about relation of physical and psychological aspects of pain and violence. Devoted to Marina Abramovic

Moscow Dec 2011

A performance during the festival "H4B" dedicated to historic building in the center of Kyiv. Its duration was 24 hours without a break. My point of interested was relation between perception and time of observation.

Kyiv Oct 2011
Interactive video firstly created during workshop of Chris Hales in Moscow in 2012. Currently it've been recreated from Adobe Director to HTML5 platform.
Moscow Jul 2012

In the gypsy district
cops made a raid,
there are cheapest bitches
on the Donetsk train station.

Rastamen from Petrovka
days and nights are doing their business
Vietnamese with their flip-flops
only make deeper financial crisis

Euro 2012
is a chance for gay people
to stick while other nations
drunk assholes are sightseeing

All sexual contacts and marriages
that have or might happen
are based on online dating
we forget how to do it in real

Donetsk Jun 2011

Návštěva project is happy to announce its 4th event, with a bit changed structure. Instead of the presentation of only one artist, we focus on three young filmakers from Ukraine, whose work reflect dreary situation in their country. The common feature is an experimental approach to documentary form.

Kyiv May 2017

Был в ПинчукАртЦентре на выставке "Сексуальность и транцендентность". Там была работа британско-немецкого художника Тино Сигала "Поцелуй" (Tino Sehgal "Kiss") - в пустой комнате парень с девушкой выполняют контактную импровизацию и произносят повторяющийся текст. Выглядели они как совершенно обычные посетили музея. Это спровоцировало у меня глобальные вопросы:

Что есть современным искусством? Как отличить его от подделки? 

Kyiv Jul 2010