I was interested in girls since ten years old. And especially, what are they hiding, such that we boys don't have. Once we with budy caught his dog bitch were investigating her between the legs. I was disappointed - nothing special. And so my interest switched to more cute things - chess, swimming, violin.

Moscow Aug 2012

Time/Bank is a project by E-flux initiated by Julieta Aranda and Anton Vidokle. Time/Food is a temporary restaurant serving meal in exchange for a time loan. I was a chef of Ukrainian lunch.

Moscow May 2013

Could disabled person visit a Ukrainian museum?

Kyiv Mar 2012

Art-intervention into different spaces of urban places

Moscow Jun 2012

Reaction of old religious ritual in current context

Kyiv Apr 2010

A documentary about Ukrainian parliament election in 2012 in Donetsk. For current moment that was last Ukrainian election there

Donetsk Oct 2012

Andriivskyi descent is a Kyiv Monmartre, a famous art street. In 2010 there was a festival Spielstraße – Straßenspiele by Goethe-Instituts Ukraine devoted to it. I decided to measure this street by its own value. However, the best times of Andriivskyi are gone and for memories about good pictures there I drew there its white frame. 

I used as the gauge "ideal picture" found in garbage on Andriivskyi. It was white square about 500 mm.


Kyiv Sep 2010

Performance about relation of physical and psychological aspects of pain and violence. Devoted to Marina Abramovic

Moscow Dec 2011