Piotr Armianovski

Piotr Armianovski (Donetsk, 1985) is a performer and director. Started artistic activity in Donetsk theatre "Zhuki". Later performed and studied in Kyiv, Lviv, Moscow including “School of Performance” by Janusz Baldyga, “Artist is present” by Marina Abramovic.


Donetsk: Red and Black, SWAP Barcelona, 2017

Morning exercises, Warsaw Performance Art Weekend, 2016

Deminiuer, pierre_feuille_ciseaux, Paris, 2015

Kalari Payat, Kyiv, 2014

Time/Food. Ukrainian lunch, Moscow, 2013

Bodies in the urban spaces by Willi Dorner, participant, Moscow, 2013

Execution, Donetsk, 2013

Disable, Kyiv, 2012

3D perfromances: Space, Time, Ukrainian Body, Donetsk, 2012

Dobra sa pesnicama, Moscow, 2011

Reperformances of Marina Abramovic, Moscow Garage Contemporary Centre, 2011

View from the Top, H4B fest, Kyiv, 2011

How long could you scream? Kyiv, 2011

Shave me, Kyiv, 2011

Zen Buddhism calendar, Kyiv, 2011

Illegal performance, Kyiv, 2010

Road to Lavra, Kyiv, 2010


People's museum of Avdiivka, documentary, 6', Avdiivka, 2018

Mustard in the gardens, documentary, 37', Novotroytske, 2018

Me and Mariupol, documentary, 10', Mariupol, 2017

Miners' Stories, documentary, 42', Donetsk - Lviv regions, 2016

Election that didn't happen, documentary, 14', Donetsk, 2017

Culture of Russian Swearing, documentary, 18', Moscow - Mooste, 2012-2015

Volodia a hero of revolution, documentary, 52'/13', Donetsk - Kyiv, 2014 - 2015

On the east, documentary, 8', Kramatorsk, 2015

Meat Factory, documentary, 32', Donetsk, 2013


Audiowalk "Kybyntsi. How Ivan Ivanovich Quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovich", coauthor with Dima Levitskiy, Kybyntsi, 2018

Audiowalk "Cartography of Kyiv Modernism", coauthor with Dima Levitskiy, Kyiv, 2018

Audiowalk "Starobilsk. Before the premiere", coauthor with Dima Levitskiy, Starobilsk, 2018

On the edge, director, Kyiv, 2017

Restaurant Ukraine, researcher, Kyiv, 2017

Laboratory "Out of the fears", trainer, Zaporizhzhia, 2017

Audiotour "Maidan. Walk", coauthor with Dima Levitskiy, Kyiv, 2017

Audiotour "The Matter of Mendel Beilis", coauthor with Dima Levitskiy, Kyiv, 2017

Laboratory "Maps of fears", participant, Lviv, Kharkiv, 2016

Rosarium, codirector, Kyiv, 2016

Word and Voice theatre centre, participant, Lviv, 2013

Directors-Dramaturgs Laboratory, participant, Lviv, 2013

Theatre-studio "Oxumoron", actor, Kyiv, 2008 - 2010

Theatre-studio "Zhuki", actor, Donetsk, 2003-2007


Love and happiness, Kyiv, 2016

Krasny Pakhar, Donets - Kyiv, 2012-2014

My body, Lviv, 2013

Supermarket, Donetsk, 2013

Gay or not a gay, Moscow, 2012

Festivals and exhibitions

Artdoc Fest, 2018

"Ukraine: Learning from a good neighbour 1918-2018", München, 2018

Cottbus Film Festival, 2017, 2018

"Permanent Revolution. Ukrainian Art Today", Budapest, 2018

Docudays, Kyiv, 2014, 2018

Desant UA! First showcase of Ukrainian theatres, Warsaw, 2017

Young Ukrainian Artists, Arsenal, Kyiv, 2017

SWAB Barcelona, 2017

Festival of film and urbanism "86", Slavutych, 2015-2017

WIPAW, Warsaw, 2016

In the Dark, Vienne, Kyiv, 2016

Olympiad-84 in Donetsk, Kyiv, 2016

Festival Pierre-Feuille-Ciseaux, Paris, 2015

Kyiv Biennial 2015: The School of Kyiv

Execution, Da-Sein Gallery, Donetsk, 2013

March cats, Uzhgorod, 2012

Week of actual play, Kyiv, 2012 - 2016

Artist is present, CCC Garage, Moscow, 2011

Gogolfest, Kyiv, 2008 - 2010, 2017