Documentary, 44 min., 2012 - 2019


Many times I've worked in different election committees. It may seem that an election is useless, but being inside is surfing on the wave of Kafkaesque, disappointment and adrenalin higher than all voting bulletins.


Director and cameraman: Piotr Armianovski

Cast: Ruslan Kudriavtsev, Oksana Shyshova, members of the election commissions and voters in Donetsk and Kyiv, deputy candidates.

Documentary, 6 min., 2018
Main prize in non-feature section on the festival "Open night" (Ukraine) 2018, IFFU 86 "MyStreetFilms" 2018, The Santa Fe Film Festival 2019, KISFF 2019

Documentary, 37 min., 2018
Special mention and Andriy Matrosov prize at International Human Rights Film Festival Docudays UA 2018


Olena is going home, to the village in the 'grey zone' of Russian-Ukrainian war where she spent her childhood. In the garden, her brother has planted mustard to prevent weeds from getting into their neighbours' garden. The girl lies down in the prickly grass and recalls how big and tasty the apricots, cherries, pears used to be...


Documentary, 10 min., 2017

The second prize on the festival "Young Ukrainian Artists" 2017; DocuBaku 2018; Cottbus Film Festival 2017; CANactions 2017; 86 IFFU 2017. In the collection of Ludwig Museum, Budapest.


Mariupol is an industrial city on Azov sea. I went there as a young sailor 20 years ago. The places alive in my memory are mostly destroyed. The battle-line of the Russian-Ukrainian war is just nearby the city. In the night I can hear the bombing. However, I am looking the miracle there.


Documentary, 43 min., 2016

Book Arsenal Kyiv 2017; Caux Forum, Switzerland 2017


Victor and Oleksandr live in the mining towns of two geographically remote regions of Ukraine. While their lives and the lives of their relatives revolve around mines, there is another side. Who they really are? What makes them go underground every day?

Kramatorsk may not be the nicest place a town of factories and broken infrastructure but its denizens find much to love there, reflecting on their home with frankness and warmth.

Documentary, 13 / 52 min., 2014 - 2015

Documentary, 32 min., 2012 - 2013