Видео-работа в рамках проекта "Олимпиада-84 в Донецке" о последствиях зимних Олимпийских Игр и войны в Сараево

Киев - Сараево Aug 2016

When I arrived from Donetsk to Moscow I was impressed by local language. People often and easily use swear words.

Moscow - Mooste Aug 2015

Kramatorsk may not be the nicest place a town of factories and broken infrastructure but its denizens find much to love there, reflecting on their home with frankness and warmth.

Kramatorsk Apr 2015

Why Donetsk fan of Justin Bieber stormed Ukrainian regional goverment with Russian flag?

Donetsk Apr 2014

A documentary about Ukrainian parliament election in 2012 in Donetsk. For current moment that was last Ukrainian election there

Donetsk Oct 2012
Interactive video firstly created during workshop of Chris Hales in Moscow in 2012. Currently it've been recreated from Adobe Director to HTML5 platform.
Moscow Jul 2012

Documentation of performative action, a part of "Female workshop" in the Kyiv center for visual culture

Kyiv Mar 2012

Protest of liquidators and ex-citizens of Chernobyl against cutting their pensions.

Donetsk Dec 2011