How many pictures in Andriivskyi descent?

Andriivskyi descent is a Kyiv Monmartre, a famous art street. In 2010 there was a festival Spielstraße – Straßenspiele by Goethe-Instituts Ukraine devoted to it. I decided to measure this street by its own value. However, the best times of Andriivskyi are gone and for memories about good pictures there I drew there its white frame. 

I used as the gauge "ideal picture" found in garbage on Andriivskyi. It was white square about 500 mm.


- You are defacing Andriivskyi descent, nothing could be the worse. We would call now the police. Do you consider our pictures kind of shit? Ah? Get out of here, - local picture salers blamed me. 

- You what? It is an art, he is measuring Andriivskyi in pictures. Let you get out from here, - gothic girls who were passing neaby advocated me.

- Where did you get such drugs, man?, - one Ukrainian tourist asked me.


- Will rain clean it? It looks like a parking lot, some one could use it like this

- Oh, I would make a wish and jump over this stairs, - old lady said and run upstairs. 

- Where does this stairs follow?

- Oh, it's a hopscotch.

- What are you doing? a foreign woman asked me. And after explanation she started to defend me telling to critics that this is real Kunst.

-Are you Banksy?

- What are you doing man? - A performance. - My respect to you, brother - a bald driver of a big black Jeep told me with Russian acsent

- Do I interfere you? -No. - Thank you, a driver of simpler car said.

- What are you doing? How would I clean this? - two drunk guys were resenting. - What is fucking paint this? If it the hell If this is a watercolor, then it's ok. - Brother, let's go. You see it is a liquid paint so watercolor, - tottering they left.

- I hate you - young man said me with a smile. - When we walk down few hour he has promised to climb this stairs, and now it is much longer, - a girl explained to me.

- It looks so nice. There is a night, mysterious Andriivskiy descent, white stairs and a man in white costume. 

Photos by Andriy

Sep 2010